Boat Building And Design


Our staff brings to boatbuilding and design a rich heritage of skill and knowledge. Combining these with your needs and dreams is a process which has produced a variety of vessels over the year's here at our shop.

41 ft. Daysailer

37 ft. Traditional Ketch/ Yawl



35 ft. Sloop


27 ft. Beach Launch


Boats' Portfolio

Boat Building Projects: 25' Monomoy Angler 25' Monomoy Angler - Drawing only 19" of water and with a gas power jet drive recessed above the keel, the Monomoy Angler can operate in very shallow water. View Drawings

SOLIPSYS our 40' Monomoy built in our shop 2006-2007. SOLIPSYS: 40' Monomoy

Boat Building Project: Vamoose and Badger Toodle00, a Canoe Yawl rigged Rozinante - A plank on frame vessel from the original L. Francis Herreshoff design #98. -- View Construction Photos

Vamoose and Badger are Buzzards Bay 25s - Two boats were completed and launched in August 2001. They are 33'7" loa drawn out from the original Nathaniel G. Herrshoff design #733. View Photos of Vamoose -- View Photos of Badger

Boat Designs - Madoc 28 Sail Boat Madoc 28 - Designed and built by Pease Boat Works, engineered by B. Young, N.A.

Boat Designs - 24' Monomoy Launch 24' Monomoy Launch - Designed by Pease Boat Works & Marine Railway.

Pooduck - A beautiful small sailboat.

T/T Divemaster - Click to view photos

Magic Class 30 - Click to view photos

26' First Lights - Click to view photos